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Can Macro Express wake up my computer?


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I have found the "Hibernate" command among the Systems command that Macro Express can execute. But what about waking up the computer once you have executed a Hibernate command? What I a am trying to accomplish is a very short macro that puts my PC into hibernation in the eavning at a certain time, and then next morning wakes it up again. Is that possible with Macro Express?

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Thanks Paul, but this looks like something to Shut down your computer (if I have not misread what you have written). What I would like to have is something that Wakes up the computer from hibernation state and then (at a certain time) puts it back to hibernation, and then repeat the same thing next day.

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As you have said, you can schedule a ME macro to do the hibernation.


To awaken, use the Windows scheduled task feature. Just schedule some innocuous task like Notepad to start at the wake-up time. There is a check box within the scheduler (I had to search for it) that indicates "Wake the computer to run this task". I am told this will wake it from hibernation. Haven't tried it myself, so if you try it let us know the results.

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