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Error 711

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An error was encountered while enumerating the phone book entries

Error: 711



Has anyone seen this error? It appears to happen only (but always) when I use any IF-command, either picking it from the commands side bar or trying to edit an IF-command in an existing macro. The error pops up as soon as I do this. When I close the error message, the ME IF-command dialogue appears and I can work with them and write working macros. I have no idea what this phone book might be, but not anything installed in my machine.


TIA, Arthur

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I don't know but it sounds like a Windows RAS (Dial Up Networking) error. I searched for that text online but couldn't find an exact match. It sounds like something on your machine is prompting it to attempt a dial up networking connection via modem or VPN but there are no phone book (host) entries. Might try searching for the exact error message in quotes on Google and see what you can find. Might also take a look at your Event Viewer for activity related to the error. I have no idea however why editing an IF statement would trigger this. You also might want to start a support incident with ISS if you don't find a ready answer. But I'm fairly certain the error you are seeing is not MEP but something else, probably Windows.

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