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Paul is suggesting you hover over the icon in the system tray. When you do this it will tell you "Macro Express Pro", name of the macro, or something to the effect of "Macros are running" indicating more than one are executing. If you see "Macro Express Pro" then there are no macros running. Understand you need to hover while the macro is running. IE do not close the text box. You are probably following Paul's instruction after closing the box or terminating the macro. If you do see a text box and MEP is not running then it's not a macro ;-)


The other thing you can do is to go into MEP Explorer and click on the top icon to show all macros in all categories. Then look at or sort by the last executed date.


And of course you can enabling logging in MEP. Preferences > Playback > Misc > Errors section > Log all errors.

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