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Simply Execute Internet Explorer


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I realize that "from within programs/windows" you can go to a Web page.


But I want to be able to launch Internet Explorer--just start it running--from the DESKTOP. In other words, is there a way to have Macro Express detect keystrokes when no program is running? Just from the desktop (and also from any running program). In other words, is there scope larger (more general) than executing from within all programs?


Thank you. :P

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You could use the Launch and Activate command to run a program, including Internet Explorer. Put 'Internet Explorer' in the Window Title field and put iexplore.exe in the Program Path/Name. You may need to put a check in the 'Bypass File Existence Check'.


The Launch and Activate command will also run a shortcut. For example, this may work if you have a shortcut on your desktop to launch IE:

c:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Internet Explorer.lnk


The Launch and Activate command will run programs (.exe), shortcuts (.lnk), batch files (.bat) or any other file with a registered file extension. For example, if you put the path to a .doc file, then the Launch and Activate command will launch WordPad (or, if installed, MS Word) and the specified .doc file will be loaded.


You could launch a program from the shortcut on the desktop by sending keystrokes or mouse movements to the desktop itself. For example, you may do a TextType 'I' followed by the Enter key to launch IE. Or you might move the mouse pointer to a specific screen location and then click the left button. However, these techniques may not work reliably if you move your shortcut icons around or if you add another shortcut that starts with I. It is much more reliable to simply launch a program using the Launch and Activate command.

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Thank you very much for your help, but I have one further question. I haven't been able to get the ShortKey feature to work. For example, to launch Internet Explorer, I assigned exx as the shortkey--but no matter where I type that (no matter what window is open, or even if only the desktop is open--nothing happens). This is the case with another macro I tried to assign a shortkey to as well. It's not being detected.

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By default, shortkey macros require the prefix activation sequence of ##. So, for the exx shortkey you created you will probably need to type ##exx.


The activation for shortkey macros is very flexible. Check the ShortKeys preference settings by clicking Options, Preferences, ShortKeys.

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