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Script Editor missing menu and toolbar after crash...

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Sometimes when I try to exit the Script Editor by clicking the windows close button, the Script Editor freezes with a "not responding" error. When I get the "not responding" error, I force quit the Script Editor. But afterwards, the Script Editor interface is missing the top menu and toolbar--can this be fixed?


BTW: I'm on on Win7 x64.




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this bug still happens sometimes. can this be fixed?


also, can the 'Restore Toolbars' feature be accessed from anywhere else besides the tray icon? i have the tray icon set to hidden.





- the script editor is the window that pops up when you enter the editing mode of a macro. if the script editor window freezes and you need to force it to close, it will result in the script editor's top interface elements to permanently disappear [its file menu and toolbar, above the tabs and nickname field]. to restore them, you have to close the script editor and then do this from the macro explorer...

- options > preferences > general > system tray tab ... check 'display icon in system tray', click 'ok'

- right click on tray icon > tools > restore toolbars

- to make sure its file menu and toolbar is restored, open the script editor by going into edit mode of a macro. after checking, close script editor. then...

- options > preferences > general > system tray tab ... uncheck 'display icon in system tray', click 'ok'

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