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Would like to process selected file/folder from within explorer window


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I know I can open a browse-folder dialog box from within ME.


I'm looking to do all of my file hierarchy browsing in windows explorer and perform ME operations on the selected folder -- without having to re-navigate from an ME dialog box. How do I get the file/folder path of the current selection in explorer?


(The closest I've found is modifying the context menu to allow right-clicking a given file and running a macro on that file. Really just want to select the file/folder and hit the activation key.)


Thanks, Mark

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I want to do a similar thing, but did not find a way to do it using only Macro Express (I'm using Pro). I'm running XP and use this utility "Copy File Path and Name using Windows Explorer Context Menu Extensions" (http://www.gnostice.com/nl_article.asp?id=168) to get the file or folder path to the clipboard using the right click context menu. I then use an ME hotkey to run my macro that sets this path to a string variable from the clipboard. I hope this helps. Or maybe you discovered by now a way to do this using only ME?



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Part of the solution may be to navigate to the Address Bar – the default hotkey in Windows Explorer is Alt + D. Then, you can easily copy the path to this folder.


To copy the filename, select its icon. Pressing F2 will make it editable (and selectable, and copyable!)


You may need to adjust Windows Explorer "Folder Options" so that the address bar is displayed. You may need to display filenames with the extensions showing rather than hidden. It may help to choose a View such as "Details" or "List."

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Yep Alan, that would work too. That is how I used to do it before I came across "Copy File Path and Name using Windows Explorer Context Menu Extensions". This context menu addition allows me to right click and then left click after which the complete path including the filename is copied to the clipboard and ready to go.

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Thanks all.


Yeah, I knew about the context menu (right click, scroll to proper item in menu, unclick on it). I was looking for an explorer selection followed by a single key press.


Didn't find a solution with ME. When I last left this topic, I was walking down the path of issuing a ^C (from within ME) to copy filepath the clipboard but didn't find an effective way to transfer the clipboard contents to a usable filepath within ME. Probably an easy ME extension to write but in the end, it was easier to transfer files to a Mac and use it's automation functionality.


Still would like to have this capability within ME -- seem like such a natural function to have.



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