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Macros not working


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What version of Macro Express are you using? Macro Express v 3.7d was the first version certified to work on Windows 7. We recommend you download and install the latest version. As I write this the latest version is Macro Express v 3.8a.


Next, make sure that the 'Use Text Type delay' found in Options, Preferences, Delays, is enabled and set to a minimum of 300 microseconds. If you continue to have trouble, try setting this to 1000 microseconds.


Finally, under Windows 7 programs can be Run As Administrator. A program that is not running as administrator cannot send mouse clicks or keystrokes to a program that is. In general, most programs, including Macro Express, should not be set to Run As Administrator on Windows 7. But, if you are trying to use macros on a program that is, you will need to run Macro Express As Administrator. Note that Windows 7 complains when loading Macro Express when Windows starts if it is set to run as Administrator.

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It's by far easier for me to keep one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse. The activation for simply hitting the delete key is alt+right mouse. This is just one of the 40 or so macros that are not working.


Very new to Windows 7. How do I run ME3 under Administrator?


I'm running ME3.8a(



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