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Opening new Firefox tab

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One of the most useful extensions I use with Firefox is TabGroups Manager, which lets me organise my many open tabs. But a minor snag is that when I use ME Pro's 'Web Site' command the new page opens a new group, called 'Ext App', and places the new tab within that. I would prefer to open the new tab in whatever group is currently open.


So I reckon I'll have to change the method for opening a URL. The easiest seems to be to Text Type Ctl+l, (FF's KB shortcut for moving the text cursor to the address box), then the URL, followed by Enter. Any other suggestions please?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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In IE one can control the handling of new web page commands. Personally I change IE so that all new links form email or whatever open in a new Window. But then again I think tabs are inefficient. You might look to see if there's some setting like that in FF.


Also I've seen that there is some automation utility for FF like IE's automation API. You might want to take a look at that.



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A couple of reasons. It's one less level of navigation and it's more efficient.


I have dual WS monitors and dock my task-bar on the left side with no auto-hide about 3" wide with small icons. I find that I can have many more items up without grouping and be able to read the window header. Right now I can have 25 open and actually tell what they all are. This is even cooler with Office 2010 and IE8 because they are now putting the application name at the end of the window title and hiding it from the task bar text. So at the moment I can see the two spreadsheets I have open in Excel and can focus them with one click. Also in Aero if one hovers the task-bar icon one sees a nice big previews of all the corresponding windows. I do have mine set to group only when I run out of room but even then when I hover it shows me previews for al the windows. But if I had this window as an inactive tab in IE I could not see it in the task-bar by name and would have to go to every IE session and hunt in each one. However it will appear in the previews. And for macros it just makes everything more easy to manage when apps or macros open new web pages. Especially with Repeat with Windows and so forth.


But I think the biggest reason I often work in multiple windows at the same time. IE I'm not a "Maximized" geek. Right now i have half a dozen apps arranged so I can see what's going on at a glance. And with IE I often work in multiple websites at the same time and this is infinitely simpler to switch between when one can have them split side-by-side on the same screen. I know I can always open any page in a new window on demand but even that would get difficult to manage after awhile with multiple IE Windows open. So it was just simpler to not use tabs.


I guess you could say I still use tabs but I just moved them to my task-bar where I can see each and every one and they're all one click away.



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