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Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

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It has begun to reach a boiling point with ME because I find that even with the "Running Man" NOT running, sometimes macros do not work when they are triggered.


I have a SUPER simple shortkey that pastes my resume from a File location into websites so that when I use the ## shortkey trigger, the file is typed into the website's input box. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


Now mind you even though I despise that running man in the system tray, I tried a little experiment with seeing whether or not something else is running when I use the shortkey. Lo and behold, there was no running man and the macro still did not work.


I had to restart ME by clearing the two running processes and restarting MEPro to get it to work.


This is one of the most buggiest software programs I know and it has reached a boiling point. I try 10 different things sometimes to get things to work and it doesn't work. This is not necessarily theonly problem with it.


I created a button on the Internet Explorer toolbar where if I click the icon button, it runs a ME program. Again, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't WITH NO RUNNING MAN RUNNING.


Third, I created an ME system tray icon to help with things I need to do. Again, sometimes it runs/works, sometimes it doesn't with NO RUNNING MAN RUNNING.


Everything starts working again after I clear ME from the Task Manager and restart the program.



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Dunno... The keyboard hook thing is what I was thinking. In the program preferences there's an option to "automatically restore keyboard hooks." Do you have any other background apps that could be competing for the keyboard. Also, hopfully you don't have any spyware going on your computer....


Are there probs with other macros that have hotkey triggers?


Is it possible that there is something in your macro code that causes a silent error? Maybe your resume somehow gets "hidden" from ME, or some other wierd thing(?)

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