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Splitting an Excel row


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I'm currently copying umpteen cells from a row in an Excel sheet putting each cell's data into variables. It's painfully slow so I'm trying to speed things up by copying the whole row into a text variable and then copying each "cell's value" of that variable into separate variables. Each "cells value" is separated by a CR/LF so I could, possibly, find the position of each CR/LF and copy that bit of the original variable to the new variable but how do I find the position of the CR/LF? I can't type CR/LF in "get position of text" dialogue. Maybe I could change CR/LF into ^ which never occurs in my data and use that to separate each cell but can't figure a way to do that or maybe there's an even better way.


Any help will be much appreciated - I've struggled for far too long.

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The ASCII (numeric) value for a CR is 13. The ASCII value for a LF is 10. This snippet will allow you to search for the position of CRLF in a string:

Variable Set %T13% to ASCII Char of 13
Variable Set %T10% to ASCII Char of 10
Variable Set Integer %N1% from Position of Text in Variable %T1%

Put '%T13%%T10% in the 'Search Text:' field of the 'Variable Set Integer from position of Text' command

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