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how many files in a folder

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Hi Herbert, and welcome to the forum.


I don't think there is a specific ME Pro command (or option within a command) for achieving that.


If I was doing it, I'd get the macro to open a selected folder's properties and then apply an OCR utility to capture the Size and Number fields.


Or you could do it with a Repeat with Folder loop, counting each file processed.


Another alternative would be to use an AutoIt! script within your macro, as I'm sure that has commands for such basic functions. Maybe one of the AutoIt! experts can amplify?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I don't know an easy, straightforward way to do it.

You could use the Program Launch command to run command.com, passing it a DOS "dir" command and directing output to a text file. For example, dir c:\foldername /s > c:\listfile.txt. Use appropriate options with "dir" if you want to include subfolders.

Then use Text File Begin Process to read back the text file. The last couple lines should tell you number of files and total size, which you can extract into variables. When you get done with this macro you won't consider yourself a newbie any longer.

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You can calculate both the number of files and the total size like this:

Variable Set String %FolderPath% to "e:\Download Files"
Variable Set Integer %SizeOfFiles% to 0 // SizeOfFiles is a Large Integer variable
Variable Set Integer %FileCount% to 0

Repeat with Folder %FolderPath%
 Variable Modify Integer %FileCount%: Increment
 Variable Set From File: Set to the Size of a File (%AFile%) // AFile is a Large Integer variable
 Variable Modify Integer: %SizeOfFiles% = %SizeOfFiles% + %FileSize%
End Repeat

Text Box Display: Results: Size of Folder and Number of Files

A sample macro file is attached.

Sample Size of Foler and Number of Files.mex

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