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Repeat a promt with an unknown number


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I'm trying to make a marco, I'll explain it 1st.


The end result of this macro will hopefull look like this. ( It's an email )

Subject: [user ID] Person1 (Key: 12345678)* 


Can I get Data on the following please


Thank you.


the person key thing can be any amount of people,


I've started with Variable Set Interger %N1% from Prompt - so this is were i will enter the amount of people in the report.


Then i used "Repeat with Variable uning %N1%,


But lets say i have 5 people entered.. How can i save each person entered as a different T1,T2 T3 etc number so I can make the email at the end ?


Any help would be great.. or any ideas of different ways to do it would be great. thank you.

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