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How do I search for files?


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Hi, I have a text file with file names (without paths) on each line. Now I would like to run through the list, one file name by one, and see if this file exists on my computer in a folder with several subfolders, and if the file name in the text file correspond to an actual file in one of the folders or subfolders, I would like to move it to another folder.


In my current "Macro Express development level" I have manage to open the text file, and then using the "If File Exist-command" to determin wether the file should be moved or not by the "Move File/Files-command".


However, I have manage to do this when having all the files that should be searched in one single folder only! I have not figured out how I can move the focus and have my macro look into another folder and then run through the file list again to see if any files in the list is in this folder, and when finishing processing that folder, moving on to the next and start all over again.


I would very much appreciate if someone can just point me in the direction of which commands to use (not writing the script!!!)!!!





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