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Window Title activation buggy?

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Many of the programs I try using Window Title activation, with Window is Opened as the option, fail to work. They do work if I switch to Window Gains Focus.


My test macro is simply:

Text Box Display:

with the text "Macro is running."


In most cases, it just never runs.


It doesn't matter whether I use Partial (with/without wildcards) or Exact.


Of course, most of these are programs which many here might not have installed, thus limiting discussion. But here are examples that are widely accessible:


1. Control Panel

2. Event Viewer

3. Services

4. Printers and Faxes

5. My Documents

ete, etc


I'm using XP Pro, but I suspect the same issue might apply to other Windows OS versions?


Can I get some feedback on whether others see the same please?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Thanks both.


The same operation works fine consistently with another macro program I use, the 12 year old Stiletto. All those examples above immediately popped up a message:





I'll report formally to Insight as a bug.



Terry, UK

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