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BUG: "Select an icon" window limited to 3 rows of icons...

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As per Kevin's pinned post prominently titled "Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features" at



* Bug reports: http://www.macros.com/bugreport.htm

* Feature requests: http://www.macros.com/requestfeature.htm


I'd like to try to reproduce the bug you identify. But where do I access this 'Select an icon' window?




OT: I'm curious to see what time stamp this post gets. I've posted several times replying to an initial post, then found other replies ahead of mine, which can get confusing! I suspect some time zone setting quirk.


23 October 2010, 06:53 UK time



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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OK, I see it and I agree.


But, even if you've now submitted a formal feature request, I doubt that you'll see any positive action.


Your complaint is similar to several I've made over the last couple of years, here and via formal reports. It's part of what I regard as generally poor design of several ME Pro windows/dialogs, which don't fill their avalable size.


For example, I posted this a year ago:


and referred to previous requests made 7 months earlier. So that would make it about 18 months ago altogether.


As you see, the ISS response was: "This change would take a significant effort. Currently we still have a number of other issues that have a higher priority."


I can't argue with the priorities - we're still waiting for many far more important fixes. But, as I said in that post, I'd have thought that making a window resizable in standard Windows fashion wouldn't require much effort.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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