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Greetings all,

It has been a long time since I've asked for help and a confession of long time no hands on work.

My dilema is as follows.

How do I merge mulitple .csv documents to form a master. And with that, how do I add to the master each time a new or updated .csv comes in?


I will be receiving spread sheets from folks who have been asked to look at Column B (Street Names) and add in a name, address, phone number (Columns D,E,F) of someone that they know who lives on that street. There are 207 rows of street names. Soon, spread sheets will be coming in and I will need create a master sheet.


Thanks so much


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this is an extremely old topic but it is an answer and here goes. we use any to process millions of records in regards to address. I'm sure I have a unique situation, not like your own, but we need to capture each record from the source and move it into an Excel database, which we now do.


but it seems to me what you're trying to do is rather simple and that would be just to append your data as it comes in to Excel. By now I'm willing to bet you have already accomplished this.


There is another issue that you might be presented with and that is comparing your data source to your master. you might be trying to verify the fact that record is not already in the master database or updating address phone or name information within each record. all this is very possible and most likely can be done within Excel controlled by ME macros.


But access would be a more logical place to accomplish all of this. we have written some very heavy duty macros to process millions of records. I do have to mention none of those macros would be in place if it had not been for the help on this forum.


You're being an advanced user is made the conclusion that I must be missing something and what you're trying to accomplish since it all seems so basic.


No topic should ever have zero responses. I believe I now know why some responses are zero. Kevin see's what can be responded to by users, such as myself,and gives us he opportunity to be involved. More important is that a zero topic has also no interest to the poster of the topic. If the topic was important enoughto be posted on the forum issued be even more important to the poster to bring it to a proper conclusion. Please don't take this personal not meant to be. It's more of a confession by a user that is guilty all of proper conclusion to a topic.


in the case of this topic I truly would like to know how you concluded your problem. It's as important to me as it was to you...

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