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user editing a variable


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I want to give the user a dialog box in which a field contains text that has come from a string variable that already existed in the macro,

the user can edit that text in the dialog, and when the user clicks OK,

the edited text becomes a new variable.


I know how to make one where an initial variable is shown as a prompt, but not how to make one where the user can actually edit the content of the variable.


For example, suppose I had in the original variable "Great Falls Montana" and the user is supposed to add characters to end up with "Great Falls, Montana, USA".


Or, if I can't do this with a variable, could I do it with the clipboard? i.e., the user can edit the clipboard content?





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You can accomplish what you need by setting the value of the variable used in the 'Variable Set String from Prompt' prior to that command. Like this:

// Set variable
Variable Set String %T1% "Great Falls Montana"
// Display content of the variable and allow user to change it
Variable Set String %T1% from Prompt
Text Box Display: Result

A sample macro is attached.


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