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I probably use the basic interface for adding and modifying macros. Here if you use "Copying Command Text" you will be able to see the macro more user-friendly. by now I would think you have found a solution to your problem. It would be nice if you would share your solution with all. The moderator of this forum expects those that he helps to step forward in topics such as this. But also we all could benefit from a topic, which was important enough by one, when it's brought to a conclusion with a result.

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I find that exporting to PDF gives a nice output. You will see the bold and strike through just as you would in the script editor.

To do this:

I opened the macro I wanted to print in the script editor,

then picked file, printer setup, and picked adobe pdf from the drop down and clicked OK.

Then I clicked the printer icon in ME and OK.


I think the printer software turned it into a .PDF and it opens in adobe reader automatically. From adobe reader you can save the file where ever you want.

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