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I made a pop-up macro with some of my most-used system tools and called it "popup menu." I made the activation be a click in the top/left of my screen. I wanted to make it disappear off the screen when I'm done with it. I couldn't figure out how to make it disappear (without clicking the red [x]) so I made a second macro called “close popup menu” with the activation being Window Title, Partial Match = “popup menu” and the script being “Wait For Window to lose focus, then Close Window.” It works really well, but I went to edit my popup menu macro with the ME Editor and couldn’t because the “close popup menu” macro was reading the title and closing the macro editor! Also, I tried to alter the “close popup menu” script to “Window Title, EXACT match,” but I couldn’t do that either, because it was closing itself when I tried to open it! Funny –eh? No worries, I right-clicked on it in the main ME Editor window and chose “Disable Macro.” Then I was able to open it and change it… :rolleyes:

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