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Multiple choice Menu question


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I've a Multiple choice menu where there are 6 options A,B,C,D,E,F


If some selected A,B,C they will get the same questions just with a different title. D,E,and F and totally different.


My problem is I want to set it so when someone picks AB or C they get the same questions but it not working, I got it working for A but i dont want to have to write out all the others again


I have it looking like this


If Variable %T5% = "A"

If Variable %T5% = "B"

If Variable %T5% = "C"


after that they get the same questions - But when i select AB or C the marco just ends.


As i said before i added B and C it was working with just A.... Should i just put the set of questions in under 3 different sets ?

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