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Shortkeys don't work reliable

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I use Macro express 3 for Trial and I don't have any problems with the shortkeys and restore hooks.


I bought Macro Express Pro and now the shortkeys don't work reliable.


I reset hooks and don't work.

I close MEP and then sometimes work.


I need shortkeys ALWAYS work.


¿I wan't change my License to Macro Express 3?

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Welcome to the forum, barbudo2005.


I'm afraid this is a long standing problem. You'll find many posts about it using 'shortkeys' in the Search box, top right. For example, read:


which contains a few suggestions/work-arounds you might try.


Unless I've missed it, what you won't find is any solution from Insight. I eventually gave up on shortkeys and went back to hotkeys and pop-up menus.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I don't' use shortkeys very much but they have always been reliable for me. The only time i have seen shortkeys not work is when the machine was infected with malware (Keystroke logger) or other issue that caused normal typing to be spastic. I would first ensure you have no such infection and check that the CPU is at low use. If that is the case and you still haev a problem contact ISS Support. BTW the fact that you can restart and they work for awhile is a strong indication that it's something else on your system that's causing the problem. You might also try booting in safe mode and not launching any applications. If it works well after an hour back into what's possibly running that's causing the problem.



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