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Saving Macro error


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I need help understading this error message while saving a macro.


"Could not save the macro due to the following error: Read beyond end of file Cannot create another system semaphore"


The macro has been an functional macro for a couple of years now and I made a slight timing change and now I get this error.


Any thoughts or help would be helpfull.



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Can't be much of a help. Since your topic is very old I thought maybe I could inject something new to the issue. It almost sounds like the issue is coming from outside of macro express or memory. This responses is coming from a user a tad bit over "Newbie" status, possibly less experienced than you yourself. I would be curious to know what your problem was. Too many times I see topics with no responses but bigger than that no conclusions to the issue. I guess from experience the board moderator has an insight to how some topics will conclude.

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