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macros suddenly stop working across the board


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I've written a set of macros that have worked fine and are being used by about seven people. Suddenly, for one user, the macros are not working at all. The user claims that nothing has changed. Is there any change a person might make to their operating system that could cause macros to stop working entirely? I realize this is vague, but where should I try to look for the problem? Rebooting her entire system didn't help. I can't reproduce the problem -- the user sent me the file she is working on (macros involve copying from one application to another) and I didn't have any trouble. I am not in the same geographic location as the user, so I can't try it on her system.



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I know this is a very old response to your problem but... in a previous topic I saw where the monitor resolution was changed and therefore stopping the execution of the macro. It was running well on most computers with the exception of one. And the issue was monitor resolution.


It was nothing like that. The problem wasn't in the macros, but in security settings in an application that the user was using.

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