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Unpredictable switch of focus with floating menu under 64-bit Windows 7


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I have a small floating menu which I've used successfully for a number of years in 32-bit Windows XP to resize and reposition the current window. I've recently changed to 64-bit Windows 7 and the menu behaviour has altered. Instead of resizing the window which has focus, on some occasions the floating menu is resized, or focus switches to another minimised window which is not resized. I cannot at the moment say with confidence which applications may be affected as the behaviour is not always repeatable, but Explorer windows seem to misbehave more often than most. Does anyone have any suggestions for debugging or for a fix?



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I have responded to another message regarding screen resolution. Not sure what your problem is but screen resolution does appear to possibly be an issue. since you have had no responses to your topic in some time I thought I would throw this in. I have had no issues between 32 and 64 with "XP" or Windows 2007 regarding "ME". This response is from an unskilled user all"ME" Pro. Not trying to get down on myself just wanted you to know where the tip comes from.

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