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Mouse Click Problem


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<MSD:500><REP3:01:000001:000001:20000:0:01:><TEXTTYPE: ><TEXTTYPE:<F4>><MSD:2500><LDN><TEXTTYPE: ><MSD:50><LUP><MSD:400><ENDREP>


This is the code for the direct editor. On my Windows 98, the Mouse Click or Down/Up doesn't work. It works fine on My Windows XP with the same code. The problem only occurs in a game called Helbreath.

I'm using the latest version of Macro Express 3.


Does anyone have a solution or explanation?



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Welcome to the group Halipender!


I just ran a macro test on a Win'98 workstation and had no trouble with the Mouse Left Button Down and Mouse Left button Up commands to highlight text. However, I did find that there are things I can do under Win'XP that cannot be done under Win'98.


Without involving Macro Express, i.e. just doing it manually, holding the left mouse button down and then hitting the down arrow key does nothing under Win'98, but it highlights text under Win'XP.

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Is the game online? Many online games use Java and some versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) do not work with macros. The latest version of the JRE seems to work better: www.puzzleconnection.com/puzzleplayer/jre.htm


Other programs intentionally disallow macros by altering the Windows hooks. Some programs disable automated mouse events, others disable automated keyboard events and still others disable both. On these types of programs mouse events and keystrokes still work when you manually perform them from your mouse or keyboard.


Some password entry dialog boxes do this and, as you may have discovered, so do some games.

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Thanks for the responses


The game is a downloaded online game (MMOG). Not sure if it uses JAVA but i updated JRE and it still doesnt work.


Maybe the program did intentionally disallow macros although the same macro works on my Windows XP. I've tried restoring mouse hooks but still doesnt work

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