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Ctrl Key working intermittently


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here's my macro:

<TEXTTYPE:<ESC><ESC>><MACRUN2:Activate or Launch Personal.xls><TEXTTYPE:

><WAITWIN2:000000:000005:Personal.xlsm><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<F5>><WAITWIN2:000001:000000:Go To><TEXTTYPE:PWTab<ENTER>><WAITWIN2:000001:000000:Excel><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<CTRLD>f<CTRLU>><WAITWIN2:000001:000000:Go To>


1) When I launch it from excel, sometimes it puts "f" in the cell that i launch it from, suggesting that macro express failed to hold the ctrl key down before hitting hte "f". And sometimes it brings up the "find and replace" window, just as i expect it to. Any idea why?


2) Sometimes when I've run a macro, it seems to get hung up. Other than right clicking the running man icon, how may I break the macro? Also, is there a way for me to tell which line the macro was working on when I asked the macro to break?


3) I've been using macro express for years, and have always had these intermittent results in many different scenarios. e.g. I make a macro to just open or launch a program -- sometimes it does...a nd sometimes it doesn't. Does anyone else share this experience?




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