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BUG? Can't run a global macro simulataneously with app specific macro?

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BUG? It seems I can't run a global macro simulataneously with an app specific macro. Only the app specific macro plays. But app specific macros can run simulataneously. I don't use "lock player". Anyone else with this problem?


BTW: Not sure if this matters, but I tested with macros triggered with middle click set to the top left pixel area.


ALSO: I'm on Win7 x64 and MEP

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No problem here. I created a test macro specific to Notepad activated with a hotkey and a second global macro activated with another hotkey and while the first was running I had no problem activating the second. W7U-64 and



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If you have the same hotkey assigned to a Global macro and a Window or Program Specific macro, the Window or Program Specific one will run when you are in the specific program. If you are not in that program, the global macro will run. This works as intended.


Suppose you have a global macro activated by the F5 hotkey that looks to see which window is on top and enters a password (see Easy Login). Now suppose that you have another program that does not accept passwords and within that program you want the F5 key to open a dialog box and enter information into it. You can do this with Macro Express Pro because Window Specific and Program Specific macros take precedence over Global macros with the same hotkey activation.

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is that mentioned in any documentation? i originally thought all macros can run simultaneously without exceptions.


so all macros can run simultaneously, except for global macros with the same activation as a specific macro? can global macros run with other global macros with the same activation?

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