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Unrelaibility of Wait for Window Title

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I've posted about this several times in the past and I've reported it formally several times too: the unreliability of the Wait for Window Title command.


It's a long-standing issue which didn't arise in ME3.


In the majority of my macros I simply cannot rely on the command. For example here's an extract from a macro I'm writing now:




Mouse Left Double Click // Opens Overlay Properties window.

Delay: 0.2 seconds <--- Replaced with this

Wait for Window Title: Overlay Properties <--- DISABLED

Window Activate: Overlay Properties

Mouse Move: 437, 38 Relative to Current Window





I've had to replace the Wait for Window Title with a plain delay.


Are other users seeing the same unreliabilty please?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Nope. Works flawlessly. However I have seen that if using controls in an application the controls might not be ready yet. IE the window appears but the contents are not ready yet. This is why I usually use "Wait for Control Ready" instead.

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