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Activate Window While Workstation is Locked


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I'm beginner with ME 3 and have created a scheduled macro to run a call center program (Avaya CMS)script. Using some text type commands I export the table data and paste it into a specific excel workbook. The macro runs beautifully when I am logged into Windows XP but if my workstation is locked, ME somehow doesn't recognize the windows with the Activate Window command and therefore the data is never exported using the alt commands. Is there something I am missing regarding the way ME identifies open windows when the workstation is locked VS unlocked?


I greatly appreciate any help or guidance!

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When a macro is running, Macro Express sends keystrokes and mouse events to Windows and Windows sends them to the application that has focus. When Windows is locked, if you minimize a remote session or if you disconnect a remote session, Windows stops sending the keystrokes and mouse events to the application. The macro continues to run but Windows discards the keystrokes and mouse events.


There is a work-around. If you can use Window Controls to send text and mouse clicks, the macro will continue to run when the workstation is locked.

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