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Getting pixel colour between range...

Guest focusa

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I'm Trying to get pixel colour from the center of the screen i insert that into variable N1 now my question is how do i get it to recognize a range?


The condition list








What do these mean?


I assume <> is between but i find nowhere to input both fields.

Overall i really love this program and its very easy to use the trial ends in about 18 days but im hoping i can get this macro working before i make my choice.



Short and simple, I can get it to work with one solid colour just cant find a way to eget to work with a range of shades of red any help much appreciated!

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Using if variable@n1 less than AND variable@n1 greater than shows an error as i havent defined a function for the if's :/ this is a tough one any more help? i looked at the post but nothing i can figure out there :/

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