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Set focus to the Windows 7 taskbar? It has no window title...

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Get Control: (EXPLORER.EXE) Using z-order -> %TaskBar%
Set Focus to %TaskBar%


This seems to work. I set:


Top Level Window Caption = *

Use wildcards: checked


I have a similar issue. As Alan suggested, I solved my initial problem using this method.

However after 3 or 4 cycles it decides to say control does not exist. And fails.

Now I cannot get it to work at all. Even if I restart the target app or restart Macro Express Pro.

The control is an edit control it appears like this...



I even tried and it work for at least 1 cycle.

Get Control: (WSCEOKRNL.DLL) Using coordinates -> %email% with restore window.

Set Focus to %email%


The debug says email has a control for a value. But it fails on the Set Focus with control does not exist.


Here is a different look.

<GET CONTROL Flags="0" Program_Name="WSCEOKRNL.DLL" Class="THostForm.UnicodeClass" Title="Web CEO" Control="\"\",\"MDIClient\",\"Submission :: fpnproductions.com :: http://fpnproductions.com/\",\"TSubmit.UnicodeClass\",\"\",\"TstNotebook.UnicodeClass\",\"Setup\",\"TstPage.UnicodeClass\",\"\",\"TstNotebook.UnicodeClass\",\"OwnersDetails\",\"TstPage.UnicodeClass\",\"\",\"TstPanel.UnicodeClass\",\"Enter webmaster or owner's details\",\"TstGroupBox.UnicodeClass\",\"\",\"TstEdit.UnicodeClass\"" Variable="%email%" Caption="*" Partial="TRUE" Wildcards="TRUE" _COMMENT="email"/>

<SET FOCUS Control="%email%"/>


Any ideas on how to proceed? How to confirm this is a bug. Or just a bad marriage with WSCEOKRNL.DLL? Or user error? Or workaround?

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