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Schedule: Once N Months/weeks/days


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"During my evaluation of the product I have problem to create a macro such that it can be scheduled to run as below:


Once a month (the very first boot up of my PC in a month), no matter what day and time on startup of my PC?

Simple conditional right, but how to set this macro "schedule" property.


The fact is:

1) I can never sure what day in a month is my first day I will switch on my PC

2) And I never know what the time range I will do the above

3) All I want is to schedule the macro to run on 1st PC boot up of a month.


But how?


This kind of simple schedule activation is handy for the below cases (and probably many more):

I plan to schedule a reminder for

a) Backup data early of the month

B) Optimize my registry once every two months

c) Say I love you to my girl friend at least once at the beginning of every week

So you see a lot of good things can be scheduled :)


From the above, I strongly suggest you to revise the schedule page to make it actually better than MS ScheduleAgent.




I have sent the above 3 years ago and in the reply someone from Insight was telling me they 've plan to review the scheduling part. Now 3 years has passed since my registration, I am still waiting to see something done for the above...



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Hello t.s. lim!


The Macro Express scheduler is what it is. Personally I think it meets most requirements and for those that it does not, there are thing you can do. For example, back in December 2004 Nicolas and Icebox gave you a couple of suggestions to try, which involved generating a controlled temporary file that holds the last date and time of your "cleanup" routines. Did you try them?

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"The Macro Express scheduler is what it is"


But not enough!


I am concern about system resource (taken up by various scheduling agents) and the ease of macro maintenance. Since I 've ME run on my system, I want it to take care of as many scheduling things as possible. Even when some applications offer their own scheduler, still I let ME take over, this means instead of having many scheduling agents running all over my system (or at least run once during system bootup), I have only 1, that is ME. For this, ME scheduling feature has to be powerful and offer lot more things than what it has now.


"Nicolas and Icebox gave you a couple of suggestions to try, which involved generating a controlled temporary file"


Sure, it works, but why don't add what I suggest to ME? It makes the creation of such scheduling macro easier and since the macro become simpler, it is easier to maintain. (imagine I 've few dozen of events to be scheduled in the "only once" way, how helpful and easy if ME has what I have suggested)


In fact, it is a matter how important the developer of ME think about this scheduling feature. IMO, it is a good feature to add and a good selling point to attract new users...




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