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Some disappointing news! A bug I've not seen for quite some time has made a re-appearance.


With Macro Express (v4.2.2.1) dormant on my Windows 7 x64 system, I was running SUPER © to convert a single .mkv fi;le to .avi. Suddenly the conversion went into super slow mode, and the keyboard became very unresponsive. Yes, that old bug is back. I opened Task Manager (which took around 3 minutes to open), then I had to open a second copy of Task Manager; I then killed the process MacExp.exe *32 (this took another 3 minutes or so), and this made no difference; finally, after another 3 minutes, I managed to kill MEProx64.exe, at which the problem went away. This is exactly the behaviour I have always seen (I've always had to open Task Manager twice, and the elapse times are similar). What is different is that killing MacExp.exe did not solve the problem until I'd also killed MEProx64.exe.

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Ditto, molasses is back. As you know I was the most vociferous one on this when it was around before and already wrote ISS to let them know that it was back. For me I was simply typing a URL into my browser. I have noticed if one acts quick one has more mobility so if you act quick your down time will be less. I have been having a different freeze up with debug runs so I'm always have Ultra-Edit at the stand by to kill processes. Of course with it it's the MacExp.exe process so it's interesting to hear that you may have isolated it to the 64 bit proxy. Perhaps it's only a 64 bit issue? Would be interesting to know if anyone running a 32 bit OS has experienced it. This is a bit annoying to me because unlike bugs that affect me and make my life more difficult this will potentially affect my users.



Paul I developed a better way to kill the tasks. Perhaps it will help some for you and others. I have been using the TaskKill.exe. Just be aware that with the debug bug it requires the forced switch, EG “Taskkill /im MacExp.exe /F”. With the debug bug I can’t use any Windows components like Task Manager, Command Prompt, or even Powershell so I learned that my text editor UltraEdit has a facility to execute DOS commands which is independent. Might also want to create a batch file with a hotkey. I had already created a suicide macro for MEP, I might make another version that just does MEProx64.



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