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Recently I’ve decided to turn a new leaf and become more efficient and bill more hours. In analyzing my time I realized I spend an unacceptable amount helping people for free. It’s in my nature but I need to refrain. Also my clients will be a lot more happy if I can give them more time.




Besides helping family and friends I identified this forum as a time suck. In general I benefit from the forum but I have noticed that there are certain members in the forum who are time leeches. They only post their problems, often without even making a modicum of effort prior to, and rarely respond, presumably not even reading, anyone else’s posts. I’ve decided not to reward these folks anymore and from now on unless you’re a newb or someone who actually responds to my posts once in a while I don’t have time for you. Ironically the members I’m refereeing to are not going to read this! And I don’t want to hear “But I’m just an amateur and couldn’t possibly give expert advice” as there have been plenty of times where I’ve simply asked for opinions or to verify reproducibility which anyone could do.




On the flip side I’d like to thank those forum members who do reciprocate. If nothing else I’ll have more time for you guys!



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