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setting control class info from text variable


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I'm using Macro Express 3.7a.


Is there any way that I can pass control class information between macros by saving/restoring the information to an environment variable?


I know that I can do this for control text information by using the following:


variable get control class [to copy the class information from the C variable to a T variable]

variable modified string [to copy the class (now text) information from the T variable to the environment variable]



variable set string [to read a value from the environment variable into a T variable]

variable set control text [to copy the value of the T variable to the C variable's text]


But I don't see a Macro Express command "variable set control class" which is the counterpart for "variable set control text". It seems strange that Macro Express allows text information to be transferred back and forth from a control variable to a text variable, but that Mac Express only allows class information to be transferred one-way from a control variable to a text variable.


You should note that macro 1 does not call macro 2. These macros run independently at different times, so it is not as if macro 2 automatically has all of the variables defined with the values used by macro 1. Macro 2 starts with all variables having no values.


My objective is to preserve variable values between completely separate macro runs. The only methods that I know for passing variable values between macros that run independently is to use environment variables or to use variable save/variable restore.


I would rather not use variable save/restore, so I appreciate any suggestions on how to make this work using environment variables or some other method that I overlooked.

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