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Activated window doesn't appear


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Hi all,


I can't get a document (Word) to come out of its minimized state by using various combinations of the activate, window maximize, and wait for window commands, plus delays, double commands, and assigning control to the window followed by a click on the control. It's as if the window is stuck minimized.


The program item on the Start bar shows it to be activated (button depressed) and data gets successfully pasted to the Word doc, but the document doesn't "wake up". I want to see what's being pasted without having to manually click the program item to bring up the window.


Thanks for any suggestions or workarounds.

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I suggest that you start again from scratch.

I can't bring myself to do that because the macro is long and works reliably in all other respects.


I did find a straightforward way to activate the document: Assign control to the doc then Set Focus to it. I got hung up thinking I needed to click on the control, so missed the obvious.

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