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Can Me Overwrites Winxp Shortcut Key?


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WinXP uses Alt-Tab to cycle through running applications, Alt-Space for poping up properties menu and so on.


While many applications are running under WinXP, say active/current application is ABC, I wish that when I press Alt-Space instead of poping the properties menu for ABC, the Alt-Space is passed as normal keystroke to ABC. Can ME help in this case?



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Sure. Create a macro with a HotKey activation of Alt+Space and use the Text Type command to type whatever you want instead of Alt+Space.


You could use the Scope property so this macro will only run when application ABC has focus and Alt+Space will work normally for all other applications.

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Hi kevin,


But what I want is such that ABC will receive the keystroke "Alt-Space" not other keystroke combination.


i.e. I want Alt-Sapce being received by ABC instead of being intercept by window to pop the properties menu for ABC...


Well what happen if I TEXT TYPE again Alt-Space?? Isn't that a nested call to the same macro?

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Hi Kevin,


Thanks for your suggestion!


Even though it does not directly solve my problem, but I get an inspiration from you and I come up with a solution.


First, in application ABC, I assign such that another Keystroke say Ctl+Shift+Y for the action I want, then I use ME to intercept Alt-Space and TEXT TYPE the Ctl+Shift+Y.


Ha, ha, now whenever ABC is running and Alt-Space is pressed, ABC will do what I want :)


Again, thanks for your help!

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