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Part 2:coolest Thing You've Done In Me?


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About 6 months ago someone posted a question asking what was the coolest thing you've ever done in ME? At the time I was just starting to use ME and it was inspiring to here all the different ways ME is used. I would like to ask the question again.


I will start:

I work for a small Health system and we have had a problem with claims being denied because some patients did not have the insurance coverage we thought they did. I have a macro(really 12 macros that work together) that kicks off a report out of out billing system that shows all the patients who have appointments that day. Then it goes out to insurance websites and gets the eligibility info for each patients, Writes the info to a file, and saves the webpage as a file. Then the macro exports that info to an Excel file that shows all the info and contains a Hyperlink to the Webpage. THis all happens in the middle of the night. It takes a couple of hours for the macro to finish. It then emails the Excel file to 11 of our clinics. I works great. And saves time and money. And best of all - it is fun.



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I haven't posted to this forum before so I guess this is a great way to start.

What do I do with ME? Well for over the last year I have been using ME for anything and everything I can get my hands on. I work for a large telecommunications company in the wholesale order writing department. Our department is faced daily with large critical projects that can cover multiple customers and thousands of accounts. These projects use to take months and months to complete, with ME I can complete them in days. I have about 50+ macros that I use to automate order writing, account handling, account notation, data entry, account research, adjustments... and the list just keeps growing and growing. Around the first of the year I was promoted into management and recently I received 2 awards from the company which included trips to both Denver and Aspen. I have saved the company over a half million dollars in labor and around 7 years in working days. My company now wants me to set up teams in 4 different locations and they will all run ME to even further what I have done. Other departments are starting to use ME to there advantage. I know this will sound like I'm bragging but really it a THANK YOU to the ME group. I wouldn't have made it here without ME by my side, and I have to say that is pretty cool to me.


Sorry if this was off topic a bit but I do owe a lot to ME.




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