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how to run ME on a VPS without "pausing" the macro

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I've installed ME on a windows 2008 VPS. I got it working properly, then disconnected my RDC (remote desktop connection).


Later in the day I checked in on the progress and could see that the macro had "paused" while the RDC was disconnected. I don't remember seeing any configuration settings in the RDC program to continue programs...


So I'm wondering, if I disconnect, does ME think that the "screen" has disappeared? (I use mouse positions in the macro).



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This comes up every once in awhile here on the forum. With RDP all visible events cease to fire when the client is minimized or disconnected. So it's really not a problem with MEP. MEP reacts to and creates GUI events so if there are none nothing happens. I use MEP on several servers to do various tasks but none of those macros depend on the UI.


Many times the motivation people have for using RD is to create a space where the macros can run w/o interrupting the user. If this is your situation I highly recommend using virtual machines. The two big ones I know of are VM Ware and MS's Virtual PC and both are free. I've used the later with great success. Also it's a nice sandbox for development.



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Just to be clear, when the RDC session is disconnected Macro Express continues to run but Windows, on the remote computer, decides that since there no keyboard and monitor connected it can ignore all keyboard and mouse input. The result is that the macro accomplishes nothing. (If your macro contains no keyboard or mouse activity and does not rely on things like window titles, it may continue to work.)


Virtual machines work great. Another choice besides VMWare Player and Virtual PC would be is VirtualBox. I use VMWare extensively, have tried Virtual PC but I have not personally tried VirtualBox. All have free versions.

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Thanks guys, I remember that Windows had a free VM but not sure if it comes with W 7 or Server 2008.


So I'm clear, (in theory) I could install a VM on my remote, install ME on the VM, turn it on, then no matter what I do with RDC, ME will continue to do its thing?



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Microsoft offers a Windows 7 add-on that emulates Windows XP. This is a bit different than Virtual PC. The virtual software can be installed on Windows XP and later. It does not have to be a server. (VMWare also has a version that will run Windows on your Mac.)


Yes, as long as the virtual machine is running, the macros continue to run. They stop if you log off of Windows but they continue to run if you disconnect.

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