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Long delay before activation

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Can't say I recall this sort of problem before and wonder whether anyone else has please?


A macro I wrote yesterday is activated by a hotkey. (I tried several: Alt+0, Alt+7 and Alt+Keypad/.) Its application was my video editor, Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 (MEP17). Its first commands were Mouse Move and Left Click in an already open dialog box. But it was consistently some 6 or 7 seconds after typing the hotkey before the macro ran. (In fact for a while I'd assumed it wasn't running at all.)


Applying the macro to Notepad was immediate.


What are possible causes of this behaviour? FWIW, MEP17 has hundreds of its own hotkeys. I'm wondering if that's a factor? Generalising, what priority do ME Pro hotkeys get versus Windows and Applications? Do some/all applications scan external key entries and their own before deigning to apply them? Idle speculations, but I'd welcome any thoughts please. BTW, I'm at the raw novice stage of learning AutoHotkey (AHK) but it seems that for the few scripts I've written, AHK hotkeys take priority over just about everything.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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