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MEP Not Recognizing End Ifs/Repeat Ends

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I've just converted a macro file from ME3 into MEP - The macro has an If statement that checks if a cell in excel is blank - if the cell is blank then the macro stops. If the variable is not blank then it continues with the rest of the code. And also a begining Repeat start for copying info from excel..see below - This code has been shortened and simplified..



Repeat Start (Repeat 9999 times)


If variable %T7% = ""

Macro Stop


'Do the rest of my proccess/code here, Which is several hundred lines long.





End If


Repeat End


The End If is at the very bottom of my code because if that cell(T7) is blank I need it to continue the process on the next line in excel. There is several other If statements and repeat starts/repeat ends in the remaining code but they all match up. - Including the first line of code with the initial repeat start of 9999 times..MEP isn't "seeing" the End If and the Repeat End at the bottom of all my code...But I can run the same macro/code in ME3 and there is no syntax errors or problems - the macro runs great.


Is anyone else having problems once converting their macros to MEP and it not reading End Ifs or Repeat Ends? Any help/suggestions would be great. Thanks

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It may be that your macro has a syntax error that Macro Express misses but Macro Express Pro catches. The syntax checking has been improved in Macro Express Pro.


I suggest that you copy the macro and then start deleting sections of the macro until the syntax error goes away. As you delete lines make a mental note of what is being removed.


If you are not able to resolve the issue that way then send your macro to the Insight Software Solutions support people. If there is an error in the program, we would be very interested in correcting it.

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