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I have a Macro that I am going to need to run against 100's of 1000's of records. How do I insert the syntax to run a loop in the Macro so that after it finishes running in continues until:


A. It is end of the file


B. It has processed a specified amount of records.


I would like to be able to do it both ways.



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In these cases I split the %list% into an array and then do a repeat with a counter %C%. Then my first three commands are “If %List[%C%]% ="" (double quote is indicating nothing or null) then break. But if you had a set %limit% I would set the number of times to repeat to %limit%. Obviously this is only when the array elements could exceed the limit.


In some cases there are blanks in my list. In those cases I do an additional repeat in front but I count down instead of up to find the first non-blank field. Then I repeat that many times in the main loop. This is also nice for progress indicators. Yo ucould do a condition there to set it to whichever is the smaller value, the number of items in the list or the limit.

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Arrays are the only reasonable way to handle large amounts of datalike you are dealing with. They may seems strange but just think of them ascolumns of data like in Excel. Each column a different array variable and eachrow a different element. Then you just plow thru them with repeats and countersfor the most part just like you go down a spreadsheet row by row.


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