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Hello ph2!


You will need to be more specific. What file? What program?

for the moment, the prog is open with :

Launch and Activate: "cwpa.exe" (cakewalk audio pro)

it's ok.

I want now the File "menu" (escuse my poor english) and Open a file ?

Thanks you Joe

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Macro Express is used to create macros that emulate what you do. If, for example, you typed Alt+F to access a file menu and then O to access a list of files, you would create a macro to do the same thing using the Text Type command:

Text Type: <ALT>F
Text Type: O

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Thank you, all is ok for instance. this soft is really wonderful !

Modify and save 20 files needed before 1 hour and is now released in a few minutes !

My macro need to save the file before repet operation with the next one;

must I insert a security delay time for the recording (few seconds) or does the macro wait for the for this ?

thank you.

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