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Finding a certain color


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I'm trying to solve that can a macro be made to find a certain color on the screen?

The macro would be to a browser game and i'm just tired of waiting to get an certain color hero.

( I know it would be botting, but so what).

So, if anyone has any ideas let me know.

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It depends on the program. Some applications overlay a virtual "layer" over screen objects that prevents Macro Express from detecting colours. But these apps are rare. I have seen one, maybe two.


If Macro Express can see the colours -- you can test this with the Mouse Locator -- then it is possible. There is no automatic way to search wide swaths for pixel colours in Macro Express -- I have requested this as a feature! -- but it's possible to construct a macro that checks every pixel along horizontal and/or vertical lines. If you know approximately where the colour is supposed to appear -- say, in a small zone or along a single line -- you can make a macro that executes quickly. But if you make a macro that checks every pixel on a screen, the script can take a long time to run -- probably too long for gaming purposes.

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