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clipboard file copy makes duplicates?

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I am trying to copy text from one file and paste it into another file. But when I use the Clipboard File Copy / Paste sequence I get the text pasted twice in the new file. No amount of sprinkling Clipboard Empty commands or delays or fiddling with timing makes any difference. I even tried Exiting MEP and restarting it, rebooting, etc. (which seems to help sometimes with execution of deleted or disabled commands)


Ideas anyone? Known bug?

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I have not heard of any bugs that would casue anythign like what you describe.


Usually the culprit is having two copies of the same MEX file open with the same macro. IE what you are witnessing is the simultaneous execution of two identical macros. You might want to check your macro explorer and make sure you only have the one file open. The other thing that can sometimes happen is one macro can do something to trigger another macro. EG there may be a clipboard content macro that causes it to execute another macro. You might try exporting the one macro you're working on to an MEX file, close all the rest of the files you may have open and see if it happens by itself with a simple activation like a Hotkey.

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