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ME not working with IE8


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If there are already posts on this topic i apologize, but i did try to search on IE8, IE 8, internet explorer 8, etc and found nothing.


I have several fairly simple macros that were working fine until several months back i was forced to upgrade to IE8.

When that happened the macros would not run correctly. For instance most of them were just login/pw macros.


the macro simply entered my loginid then tabbed to the next field and entered my p/w, then did an enter.

On IE8 the macro would hang after entering my login id. Like i said all that happened after that was a tab.


Back when ie8 was loaded on my machine and this started happening i hit the forums and searched on it and found just a couple mentioning this and as i remember there was something about adding a pause i believe, did exactly what the post said, but did not help.


So what happened was i pretty much switch to firefow as much as i could, had a few sites that wanted IE so was running them under Firefox using the IE Tab plugin. There are a couple that won't work this way so for them i use IE8 and no macros.


Was updated to Firefox 4 a few days back and am starting to have the same problem intermittenty; hangs after the first line.

again just a simple macro that enters a text string, does tab, space-bar, enter. Not rocket science.


I have to believe i am not the only person affected by IE8 and ME, surely there is a working fix for this now??

Now that FF4 and me seem to be having same problem, have to believe the same and hope for fix.


As to the version i am running was on 3.7 i believe when IE8 first got loaded. Had problems upgraded to 3.8, and even upgraded to pro with same results. I am currently running the 3.8 version as i only got Pro hoping it would work with IE8.


Have to believe if ME doesn't work right with IE8 that could be a deal breaker for ME and this would have to be fixed.

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