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Cmd shell from within an external script

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Greetings, First, this is the most enjoyable set of tools I have seen since for a long time. You have a Great implementation of an excellent set a concepts. Now my issue(s). The attached works as a VBS from a DOS box but just won't from inside a external script with MX Pro. Then there is the question of how to return vales from an external script

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I don't see an attachment.


But one possible problem is security software. I know my McAfee hasa facility called “Access Protection” that doesn’t allow scripts from beingexecuted from the temp folder and this is exactly how MEP works.


To get data back from a VBScript there are a few different possiblemethods. First and often easiest is to output to the console and use the optionto read the console output into a variable to be processed. Another option isto output to a file and then read that file into a variable. Finally you canwrite to your registry in the VBS and read from there. And of course I’m surethere are other similar methods like SQL servers one could employ. But I find Iuse the console variable most often.


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