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Work around for failing command?

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In commands like Window Activate etc, the option 'The name contains wildcards' works fine on simple windows. For example

Window Activate: *txt*Notepad

correctly activates the window Test.txt - Notepad


However, it fails in those apps which place an asterisk in the title of a document window to indicate that it has not yet been saved. For example, here's a typical title of an open document in TextPad, while I'm editing it:

Basics - TextPad - [C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MAGIX\Movie_Edit_Pro_17_Plus\UserVideoEffects\PIP\Translation.ini *]


That gives the error "The window cannot be found."


Anyone have any work-around suggestions please (apart from always saving the file immediately beforehand)?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I downloaded a trial version of Textpad and was able to activate the window, which was titled "TextPad - Document1 *", using

Window Activate: *ext*Document1 *
Window Activate: *ext*Doc*

with "The name contains wildcards" ticked.

However, this next example didn't work, so it looks as if the trailing asterisk is important!

Window Activate: *ext*Doc

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