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Updating macro for several users

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I have made a macro that we currently use on about 20 computers at work and sometimes i have to update the macro due to changes in the system.

What I was wondering is do I have to always go to everyones computer and manually import the new version of the macro?

Since we all have access to a shared folder is there any way to run the macros from that folder that automaticly updates it self at start?


I tried opening it from a shared location but it does not seem to get the new version unless you import the file again.

Would be very handy if this is possible as im planing on making several other macros but it would take up to much time to constantly update everyones computer when changes are needed.


Thank you for your help!


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The macros I write for most of my clients like this are a file on the server and all share that same file. It works fine. What I do is to keep a development copy someplace else then when I am satisfied with my changes I simply overwrite the active macro with the dev copy. The next time a macro executes it realizes the changes. In the preferences there is also a sync setting you should look at. Preferences > File System > Network.


BTW I also create a folder and put all dependent file therein. Then at the beginning of most macros I get the path of the current macro file and use that to point to the support files in the macro. This makes it a portable package and allows thing like Dev copies and the ability to move things later.

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