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2 Issues. Copy All and Repeat Until Variable

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For future reference you might want to put separate questions in separate posts.


To select a sentence of text in most applications like Word hold the control key and left click.

Look online or in your help file for a list of text selection shortcuts.

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Your repeat problem is vague. Can you post a simple example with excel spreadsheet? I can tell you that clipboard operations with null values result in no action.


BTW interacting with Excel by moving about, copy and pasting into each cell is OK for simple things but if you would like to learn a more efficient and faster method let me know. It’s a little more advanced but I don’t think too difficult.

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Just search the forums and look at my webpage. Most of the stuff there is fairly dated however. With Excel you can use a simple VBScript to extract contents. My favorite is to extract a worksheet to a CSV and process it in MEP. One can also write to cells and entire worksheets using VBS. Also when one copies and pastes the contents are essentially Tab delimited files. I like to refer to them as TSV instead of CSV. IOW you can have a user copy a range of cells to the clipboard and then use split commands to load them into arrays and do you thing. Then take your results array at the end and assemble them into the TSV format in a single variable using join and let the user paste that back to Excel. Or better yet simply save that var to a file and open it in Excel. Or link to it. Lots of options.

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